December 8, 2022
best AR games 2023

An augmented reality experience is an interactive simulation of a real-life.

Mobile gaming has come a long way in seeking to integrate fun with an active lifestyle, these AR games are true gems. Ingress and Pokemon Go were the best AR games for mobile. Most of the games were proofs-of-concept. The situation hasn’t changed much. A majority of augmented reality is still just proof-of-concept games.

We also enjoyed some games with augmented reality components, and we thought they were fascinating. Apps with augmented reality components are available from Apple’s Store and Play Store. It can hard to select the good option with so many choices. In this article, I discuss the argument for reality best AR games you can play on phones.

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List of Top 10 Best AR Games 2023:

  • Ingress
  • Pokémon Go
  • Zombies Run
  • Jurassic World Alive
  • Knightfall AR
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Shoot ‘em up
  • Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs
  • Neyon Clash
  • Sharks in the Park


Ingress is an AR mobile game for iOS phones and Android phones devices. In this game, two opposing factions compete to capture “portals” scattered throughout public areas. A similar task to capture the flag, but on mobile devices, is seizing or damaging an opponent’s portals to control territory and score points.

Pokémon Go:

From the best AR games, Pokémon Go is one of the most popular games for iOS phones and Android phones devices. The basic premise of Ingress is to go out into the real world. You all catch Pokémon to visit Pokes tops and battle Gyms. This game is still in development. Its features will continue to evolve. Even so, there is still a strong following for the game. In the latest update, trades between trainers and Pokémon have been added.

Zombies Run:

Zombies Run is a running game. The game is also called an audio adventure game. Along the way, you unlock different parts of the story. In a creative way, the drama motivates you to keep going. If you do not want to go outsides, you can play on a treadmill. Playing this game will keep you in shape and it’s popular. You can play the 1 to 4 missions free and unlock a new mission every week. Otherwise, you subscribe and unlock the mission. Through the phone’s GPS or accelerometer, the app can record distance, time, pace, and calories burned on each mission.

Jurassic World Alive:

Jurassic World is a free-play Dinosaurs-related argument reality(AR) game. They roam the real world in search of dinosaurs to collect. During the game’s lab mode, players can create hybrid dinosaurs and compete against other players. The game was still in its early development, making it difficult for reviewers to recommend it. you can subscribe to a game to get rewards for a game and buy in-app purchases. It depends on whether a subscriber they are interested or not.

Knightfall AR:

Knightfall is an AR game developed by Milk room. In this game very beautiful places in all over the world. Knights protect the city and conquer the army to protect Christianity’s most fragment relic the Grail. In the modern-day, becoming a knight is possible only through video games. That does not mean, however, that you can not bring the video game world to the real world. You can do just that in Knightfall. 

 Scavenger Hunts:

Several best AR games have combined real-world and digital scavenger hunts. Temple Hunt to play the treasure protector or killer, safeguarding the treasures of the gods locked inside the hidden Temple of Shiva. There are eleven treasure guardians known as Rakshaks. who just be found one by one in the game. Finding them leads you to the temple.

It is highly customizable. Users create both outdoor, indoor, and interactive maps to play the game with a customizable number of players or even just by a single Indiana Joni holding up his mobile and searching for ancient treasure in the food Centre of the nearest Although the game is full of options, the graphics do leave something to be desired.

Shoot ‘em up:

I’m sure you can guess what Zombies Everywhere is! It lets you massacre brain-eating zombies in your daily life. With a swipe of your Apple mobile device (it’s not available on Android), the undead appears in your environment, stumbling forward to devour you.

There are two modes – a survival mode, in which your life is on the victuals line, and a safe mode, in which the zombies do not attack, but you can still blast them. Otherwise, this game is a shoot ’em up. There is no wider plot or missions, just spray and slay. There is a flamethrower, though.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs:

Angry Birds is a very classic game, that uses AR technology. It means you can watch gameplay unfold in front of your eyes simply by pointing your device’s camera at the smooth surface. It has the same controls as the reals game. In this game, you must eliminate all the pigs hiding behind the HD structure. Launch the birds as much damage as you can in as few throws as possible to destroy these and get the pigs.

Neyon Clash:

Neyon Clash is an augmented reality game that truly makes use of technology. They synchronize your actions with them in a game character for seamless integration. This is a fun little game that adds an AR twist to classic childhood games. Playing tag, capturing the flag, or paintball in AR requires physical activity.

This is the only difference is that you do not need any real equipment, just your phone. You don’t have to stare at a screen for an hour every day

Sharks in the Park:

Sharks in the Park is one of the best AR games. Landscapes and locations in the real world are beautiful. However, they aren’t always filled with excitement and gigantic animals that take your breath away. As it opens you to a new world, you can add more adventure to the real world.

You can see dinosaurs, sharks, and other exciting wildlife without the danger of the real giants. Additionally, it can track your movement and location, so it moves just as quickly as you do. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Play Store, but you can side-load it through an APK file.

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