May 28, 2023
Cheburashka Movie


Cheburashka is a 2023 Russian computer-animated comedy film that is directed by Dmitry Dyachenko. It is a live-action children viewer movie. The Cheburashka movie was written by Vasiliy Kutsenko, Anatoliy Molchanov, and Vitaliy Shlyappo and it is the adaptation of the 1960s children’s book Gena the Crocodile Eduard Uspensky.

The film stars included Olga Kuzmina, Fyodor Dobronravov, Ilya Kondratenko, Sergey Garmash, and many others. The filming started in early 2021 at the Sochi Arboretum. The movie was released theatrically in Russia on January 1, 2023. Cheburashka broke all previous records when it was released on January first in its native country.

The 225 million rubles mark on the debut day and clocking in at nearly 837 million at the three-day mark. At 15 days of release, 4 billion had been collected nationwide. The visuals were critically acclaimed which elicited a motion picture deal after its release to spin off another installment. The team is going to later travel to some urban areas in the Stavropol Krai like Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, and Yessentuki.

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Afterward, they will go on to the Russian capital Moscow for recording videos directly on-site. Ultimately, locations were meticulously selected with the hope of imputing an aura of perpetualness. It was still enclosed in moss-covered serpentine walls with circular arches of Karo 11 October when Cheburashka made its world premiere.

Cheburashka Synopsis:

Cheburashka is a big-eared animal that lives in an orange grove and ends up in a small town by the sea. He meets an old man who is close to himself, a boy who cannot speak, his mother, an unusual lady who wants to buy it for her granddaughter, and many more characters.

Cheburashka Cast & Crew:

Movie nameCheburashka
Directed byDmitriy Dyachenko
Written byVasiliy Kutsenko, Anatoliy Molchanov, Vitaliy Shlyappo
Cinematography byIvan Lebedev
Film Editing byKirill Abramov, Anton Anisimov
Costume design byNatalya Kanevskaya
Production design byArtyom Fyodor Savelev
Sound Department byAlexey Breytburg

Cheburashka Casts:

Fyodor DobronravovAs Valera
Konstantin FadeevAs Vasiliy
Sergey GarmashAs Gena
ILya KondratenkoAs Grisha
Sergey LadyginAs Tolya
Dmitriy LysenkovAs Larion
Polina MaksimovaAs Tanya
Alisa MynayAs Tanya v Detstve
Aleksey NovikovAs Ispanets
Erik SakanyanAs Ispanets

Cheburashka Producers:

ProducerMikhail Tkahenko
General producerLika Blank, Eduard Iloyan, Vyacheslav Murugov
Executive producerAnna RyZhikova

Cheburashka Released Date:

Armenia1 January 2023
Belarus1 January 2023
Russia1 January 2023
Tajikistan1 January 2023
Israel2 January 2023
Cyprus16  January 2023
Luxembourg21 January 2023
Spain22 January 2023
Switzerland28  January 2023
Kazakhstan5 January 2023

Cheburashka Budget & Revenue:

The total budget of this movie is $12 million and the box office is $74 million. This film attains positive feedback and reviews from the public and shows gross office.

Cheburashka Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The running time of the Cheburashka movie is 2 hours and 0 seconds.

Watch the Cheburashka Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

The movie is available in all theaters in Russia and also the USA. The release date of Cheburashka theater is 1 January 2023 in Russia and other countries. Live streaming of this movie will available on Hulu, Prime videos, Google play stores, Netflix, and HBO max.

Cheburashka Trailer:

The official trailer of the Cheburashka movie was released on the GlobalMovie trailers youtube channel. The running time of this trailer is 2 minutes and 30 seconds and gained about 22k views and many likes.

Cheburashka Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is the director of the Cheburashka movie?

Ans: Dmitriy Dyachenko is the director of Cheburashka.

Q. Who is the producer of the Cheburashka movie?

Ans: Mikhail Tkahenko is a producer of Cheburashka

Q. How long is the Cheburashka movie?

Ans: The runtime of Cheburashka is 2 hours.

Q. Is Cheburashka is Russian Cartoon?

Ans: Yes, Cheburashka is a Russian cartoon.

Q. When  Cheburashka Movie was released?

Ans: The movie was released on 1 January 2023.

Q. What is Cheburashka Netflix?

Ans: Cheburashka Movie is available on Netflix

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