April 1, 2023
Deleter Movie


Deleter is a Philippine 2022 horror film that is directed by Mikhail Red and was starred by Nadine Lustre, Louise Delos Reyes, McCoy De Leon, and Jeffrey Hidalgo. The Deleter movie was theatrically released on December 25, 2022, at Metro Manila Film Festival. The movie was written by Nikolas Red and Mikhail Red. The movie casts are Nadine Lustre, Louise Delos Reyes, McCoy De Leon, Jeffrey Hidalgo, and Sarah Jane Abad.

The film portrays Lyra (Nadine Lustre) as a working member of an obscure online content moderation force; the facility delegates its staff, or ’deleters’, the job of blocking leaden submissions to hit social platforms. What her repeat associates, and moreover boss Simon (Jeffrey Hidalgo), the witness is Lyra with an uninvolved aura resisting the dark visuals she witnesses on a consistent basis. 

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Deleter Synopsis

The movie focuses on Lyra, a content moderator, who notices unusual events occurring following her associate’s suicide. It investigates the labor experience around censorship management.

Deleter Cast & Crew:

Movie nameDeleter
Directed byMikhail Red
Written byNikolas Red, Mikhail Red
Cinematography byIan Alexander Guevara
Music byPaul SiguaMyka Magsaysay
Film Editing byNikolas Red
Production Management byLexter Tarriela
Sound Department byAian CaroArmand De Guzman 

Deleter Movie Casts:

Nadine Lustre
Louise Delos Reyes
McCoy De Leon
Jeffrey Hidalgo
Keiko Nakajima
Sarah Jane Abad
Billy Villeta
Elia Ilano
Kedebon Colim
Charo Laude

Deleter Producers:

ProducersVincent Del Rosario III, Veronique Del
Supervising ProducerNina De Castro
Creative ProducerEthel Cais
Line ProducerJaisen Morales
Associative ProducerIvy Noda
Executive ProducerVic. Del Rosario Jr

Deleter Released Date:

Philippines25 December 2022
Singapore1 January 2023
USA6 January 2023
United Arab Emirates12 January 2023
Australia Coming soon
CanadaComing soon
IndiaComing soon
ItalyComing soon
JapanComing soon

Deleter Budget & Revenue:

The box office results are $240 million and attained positive reviews from the Public. The budget for the Deleter movie does not reveal yet.

Deleter Season 1 Total Episode and Run Time:

The running time of Deleter movie 2022 is 1 hour and 33 minutes. The number of series of this movie does not disclose yet.

Watch the Deleter Full Movie in Theater & Live Stream:

The Deleter 2022 theater release date 2022 is 25 December 2022 and available in all USA theaters and other countries. Live streaming of Deleter movie is available on Vudu, Google Play stores, Apple tv, and prime videos but is not present on Netflix.

Deleter Trailer:

Deleter Movie 2022 first trailer was released 2 months ago on the VIVA TV youtube channel. this trailer’s running time is 2 minutes and 18 seconds and gained 135k views and 1.7k likes. 

Deleter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. Who is the director of Deleter?

Ans: The director of the movie is Mikhail Red.

Q. Who is the writer of the Deleter movie?

Ans: The writers of the Deleter movie are Nikolas Red and Mikhail Red.

Q. Who are the producers of the Deleter movie?

Ans: The producers are Vincent Del Rosario III and Veronique Del.

Q. Where I can watch Deleter?

Ans: You can watch this movie on multiple platforms on the internet.
Amazon and amazon prime
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Q. How long is a Deleter movie?

Ans: The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 33 minutes.

Q. What is Deleter Netflix?

Ans: Deleter is not available on the internet yet.

Q. Is Deleter worth watching?

Ans: There are too many flaws in the plot, acting, and scares in Deleter to recommend it. Instead, watch a movie that is more engaging and well-made.

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