December 9, 2022
Margaret Keane big eyes cause of death 2023

Margaret Keane, Painter Known for ‘Big-Eyed Waifs’ Dead at 94, Margaret Keane big eyes cause of death 2023 was heart failure, said her daughter, Jane Swigert. In the late 20th century Margaret Keane has become one of the most widely recognized artistic styles.

She died on Sunday, June 26, at age 94, in her Napa Valley home after hiding a six-decade career as an artist under the guise of her husband, who claimed that he had made the works himself. A heart attack caused the incident.

An artist who earned millions of dollars in international kitsch a half-century ago through her doleful, saucer-eyed waifs, and whose claims to have executed her paintings were demolished in a courtroom “paint-off,” died on Sunday in Napa, Calif.

Napa, California, was her home when she passed away. In a statement, her daughter, Jane Swigert, confirmed the loss of her mother.

The estimated net worth of Margaret Keane is more than $2.5 million, according to sources. A few of Keane’s paintings have also appeared in films such as  “In Reverse” and “Whatever Happens To Baby Jane?” 

Keane’s work has also been used in cartoon characters, such as “The Powerpuff Girls,” which are often called “waifs.”

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New York Times described her painting:

A 1992 interview with the New York Times described her painting as an expression of her inner feelings. When I realized that God permitted wickedness in the world and so much sadness in the world, I was very sad and very confused.”

Known for his paintings of children with huge, sad, dinner-plate-sized eyes that are often portrayed as waifs, Keane’s instantly recognizable works of art are instantly recognizable.

When her work became popular and sold by the million, Walter, her husband, took credit for selling her work.

Since Keane accepted her husband’s request to continue working with him, he enjoyed significant commercial success.

Husband’s career took off:

During the mid-1950s, her second husband’s career took off, when Walter Keane began selling “big eyes” paintings at San Francisco’s Hungry in a Comedy Club and at New York’s Village Comedy Club.

She lived with her daughter near Napa for the past few years. Due to Mr. Burton’s film and Adam Parfrey and Cletus Nelson’s Citizen Keane. 

The Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes:

Margaret Keane big eyes cause of death

Big Lies Behind the Big Eyes, the public became more aware of Ms. Keane’s work (2013).

She was fascinated with eyes since childhood when permanent eardrum damage caused by a mastoid operation resulted in hearing loss. Her first drawings were of big-eyed angels with fluffy wings when she was ten years old. Most of her subjects had large, dark eyes, and she expanded her subject matter to include adults and cuddly animals.

The portrayal of Keane as a great artist and his wife as an amateur helped him gain national attention through local newspapers and television interviews.

The two were ordered to paint in the courtroom when she sued Walter in 1986. Walter refused.

Keane’s work gained further traction after Amy Adams portrayed him in the movie Big Eyes.

Margaret Keane, Painter Known for ‘Big-Eyed Waifs’ Dead at 94, Know the Cause of Death, and a decade was spent getting to know the beauty of this woman. However, we are grateful that we got to see her story. Her story of surviving abuse was important. It was important to her that the world knew what she had been through and what she had done with her art.”

Big-eyed waifs:

As a reporter in 1970 asked about Ms. Keane’s former husband’s painting abilities, she offered to demonstrate them in Union Square, saying she was certain he did not paint any of the big-eyed waifs. Thousands of people attended the event following the media splash. Paints and an easel were on hand when Ms. Keane arrived. As a successful artist, Keane did not turn up, and he continued to act as if he had done so.

Despite her warnings, she told him the truth would end her life.  She told the Guardian that he knew many Mafia people. He tried to hit me once. I was really scared.”

On Wednesday, the gallery posted a statement on Instagram announcing her passing, saying she is survived by a daughter, five stepson (from separate marriages), and eight step-grandchildren.

“She will be missed for her creative genius (sic) and passion to continue creating new works until her passing,” the statement reads.

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