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Piper Rockelle Net Worth

Who is Piper Rockelle?

Piper Rockelle is an American Singer Dancer Actress, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and TikToker. She is a 14-year-old Youtuber with 8 Million Subscribers. Piper Rockelle Net Worth is $2 Million.

All videos and songs of Piper Rockelle are trending and attain many Likes on the YouTube channel. Her posts are also up-to-date fashion on social media.

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Personal Life of Piper Rockelle:

Piper Rockelle Family:

Piper Rockelle belongs to a Christian family. She was raised by her Mom. Piper Rockelle Dad name is Piper Smith. Piper Rockelle says that she does not meet and remember her father. Only once does she meet with her father.

Piper Rockelle’s Mother’s name is Rockelle Tiffany. Rockelle Tiffany lives with her daughter and two sons. Piper Rockelle has two brothers named Tyler Ray and Hunter Ray.

Piper Rockelle Marital status:

Piper Rockelle’s Marital status is single.

Piper Rockelle Height and Weight:

The height of Piper Rockelle is 4 Feet. Her weight is 42 kg.

Piper Rockelle Eye color and Hair color:

The eye color of Piper Rockelle is HAZEL. Piper Rockelle’s hair color is Brown.

Piper Rockelle Nationality:

Her Nationality is American.

Piper Rockelle Ethnicity and Religion:

piper Rockelle’s Ethnicity is Mixed. Her Religion is  Christianity.

Piper Rockelle Birthdate and Birthplace:

piper Rockelle Birthdate is 21 August 2007. piper Rockelle’s Birthplace is Georgia.

Piper Rockelle Age:

Her age is 14 years old.

piper Rockelle’s Ethnicity is Mixed. Her Religion is  Christianity.

Piper Rockelle Zodiac Sign:

Her  Zodiac Sign is Leo.

Piper Rockelle Boyfriend:

Piper Rockelle’s Boyfriend’s name is Lev Cameron Khmelev. She has been dating her boyfriend since 2020. Her Ex-boyfriend was Gavin Magnus. Many videos about her boyfriend are present on her YouTube channel. Lev Cameron Khmeleve was born on 11 October 2005.

He is also a YouTuber and has many other talents like dancers, actors, and businessmen. He is listed as a Top dancer and his videos are trending on the internet and gaining a lot of Likes. He has also a TikTok official account.

Piper Rockelle Squad:

Piper Rockelle’s friend’s group name is Piper Rockelle Squad. Many photos and videos of her squad are currently on social media. The Squad members are Lev Cameron, Jeena Davis, Elliana Walmsley, Emily Dobson, and Frank Pugan.

Her Squad is very famous on social media. Many videos of this Squad are present on Piper Rockelle’s official account. JENTZEN left this Squad due to some reason.

Piper Rockelle Merch:

Piper Rockelle Merch is present on many online shopping websites and her own website. It includes Tops, Jewelry, and many more. Piper Rockelle, shirts, and everything for her fans.

Piper Rockelle Merch

Piper Rockelle Tour:

Piper Rockelle tours in many countries. Her tour tickets start from $49 to $344.Many tours and live concerts are present on her YouTube channel. Her concerts are joyful and entertaining for her fans. Booking Dates are different.

Piper Rockelle House:

In Sharpsburg, Maryland’s Washington County, on the southeast corner of Main and Church Streets, stands the historic Piper House. Its two-story main block of limestone was built between 1792 and 1804, and its two-story brick wing was erected in 1834. The pics of Piper Rockelle are current on her TikTok account.

Professional Life of Piper Rockelle:

Piper Rockelle Career:

 In November 2016, Piper Rockelle began her career on the YouTube channel by pulling pranks on her pals. She performs on several stages now that she is famous. Her admirers and followers are growing every day.

In a short time, she became famous. She began her career on YouTube when she was 10 years old. Many of Piper Rockelle’s admirers and followers may be found on her other official accounts.

Piper Rockelle Songs:

Piper Rockelle also sings many songs. Her songs are present on her YouTube channel. Piper Rockelle sings her songs live at her concert tours and her fans sing with her. piper Rockelle concerts live songs are very joyful and Fun for her audience. Her famous songs are:

  • Yesterday
  • Tea Party
  • Sidewalk
  • Its’ Christmas
  • bby i….
  • Butterflies
  • Treat Myself

Piper Rockelle TV Shows and Movies:

Piper Rockelle is also an actress on social media. She also works in many Movies and achieved a lot of fame at a very young age and has a lot of fans. Piper Rockelle works in TV shows and Movies:

Chicken Girls


Sawyer Sharbino

Rock Squad

Among us in Real life


We are Gen ‘Z

Dark Eyes

Jam Jr


Piper Rockelle TikTok:

The followers of Piper Rockelleis 10.8M. And the following is 889. Piper Rockell shared many videos on TikTok’s official account and attained 433.6M Likes. Her video content is very informative and good.

Her dance videos attain a lot of Likes on her TikTok official account. Piper Rockelle For You videos with her friends.

Piper Rockelle Instagram:

Piper Rockelle’s Instagram followers are 5.5M. The following of Piper Rockelle is 2404. She shared about 2424 posts on her account. She shared the story on her account daily. In her bio, she writes ‘singer-actress and dancer Account managed by the family.

Her posts are about the latest fashion and styles of girls. Her fans follow her fashion and up-to-date style.

Piper Rockelle YouTube:

Piper Rockelle subscribers are 8 Million. She is a famous YouTuber with high subscribers. She shared many videos about her life, Friends Square, and Boyfriend. Many vlogs and live concerts are present on her channel.

On her YouTube channel, she says ‘I’m Piper Rockelle I’m a girl living my dreams in Hollywood’ In his channel entertainment, Fun, and Love are present. Her video contents are very entertaining and joyful.

Piper Rockelle Net Worth:

Piper Rockelle is an actress, dancer, tiktoker, YouTuber and Instagrammer. Piper Rockelle Net Worth is about $2 Million. She earns a lot from her performance and attains many Awards. Her professional life is fashionable and stylish.

Piper Rockelle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q: Who is Piper Rockelle?

Ans: Piper Rockelle is an American Singer Dancer Actress, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and TikToker. Piper Rockelle is 14 years old Youtuber with 8 Million Subscribers.

Q: What is the Age of  Piper Rockelle?

Ans: The Age of  Piper Rockelle is 14 years old.

Q: How tall is  Piper Rockelle?

Ans: The height of  Piper Rockelle is 4 Feet.

Q. What is the weight of  Piper Rockelle?

Ans: The weight of  Piper Rockelle is 42kg.

Q: Who is Piper Rockelle Dad?

Ans: The name of Piper Rockelle Dad is Piper Smith.

Q. Who sings Butterflies song?

Ans: Piper Rockelle.

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