December 9, 2022
What Are The Two Basic Styles Of Firearm Actions 2023

In the world of firearms, what are the two basic styles of firearm actions? There are generally two styles of action: semi-automatic and indirect. semi-automatics use the force of the propellant to directly operate the mechanism, while fully automatics rely on an external energy source, typically a spring. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore in this blog post.

The Two Basic Styles Of Firearm Actions 2023

What are two basic styles of firearm actions? The two basic styles of firearm actions are semi automatic and fully automatic.

Semi automatic firearms are those where the trigger only performs one function, that of firing the weapon. Double action firearms are those where the trigger serves two functions: cocking the hammer and then firing the weapon.

There are variations on these two themes, but they are the basic types of firearm actions.

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How To Choose The Right Firearm For You

Revolvers are handguns that have rotating cylinders with chambers for each bullet. They’re simple to use and reliable, but they can be slower to reload than pistols.

Pistols are handguns that have a magazine that holds the bullets. They’re typically faster to reload than revolvers, but they can be more complex to use.

What Are The Two Basic Styles Of Firearm Actions

When choosing a firearm, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences. If you need a quick and easy-to-use gun for self-defense, a revolver might be the best choice. If you’re interested in competitive shooting or want a gun with more firepower, a pistol might be a better option.

More About: What Are The Two Basic Styles Of Firearm Actions

Semi automatic firearms require the user to cock the hammer before each shot. This can be done manually, or the gun can have an internal mechanism that cocks the hammer automatically. Double action firearms have a mechanism that cocks and fires the gun in one continuous motion.

Both types of actions have their advantages and disadvantages. Semi automatic guns are typically more accurate since the user has more control over when the shot is fired. Double action guns are generally quicker to fire since there is no need to cock the hammer before each shot.

Which type of firearm action is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. If you want a gun that you can shoot quickly and accurately, then a double action gun might be a good choice. If you value accuracy above all else, then a semi automatic gun might be better suited for you.

Bolt Action

Bolt action firearms are those that require the user to manually operate a lever (known as the bolt) in order to chamber a round. This is in contrast to semi-automatic or fully automatic firearms, which do not require the user to manually cycle the action.

Bolt action rifles are popular for hunters and target shooters, as they offer more precision and accuracy than other types of firearms. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including plinking, small game hunting, and long-range shooting.

Bolt action shotguns are also available, though they are less common than bolt action rifles. These shotguns typically have a lower capacity than pump action or semi-automatic shotguns, but can offer increased accuracy for bird hunting and clay pigeon shooting.

Lever Action

Lever action firearms are some of the most popular guns on the market. Lever action guns are known for their quick firing abilities and smooth operation.

There are two main types of lever action firearms: single shot and repeating. Single shot lever action firearms can fire one round at a time while repeating lever action firearms can fire multiple rounds without reloading.

Lever action guns are popular among hunters and target shooters alike. They are also widely used in Cowboy Action Shooting competitions.

Pump Action

Pump action firearms are those that require the user to manually cycle the action in order to chamber a round and fire. This can be done by either working the fore-end of the gun back and forth, or by operating a lever on the side of the receiver. Pump action guns are typically shotguns, but there are also some rifles and handguns that use this type of action.

Pump action guns have a number of advantages over other types of firearms. They are typically more reliable than semi-automatic weapons, as there are fewer moving parts that can malfunction. Pump action guns also tend to be less expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts.

One downside of pump action guns is that they can be slower to operate than other types of firearms. This is because the user must take time to cycle the action before each shot. Additionally, pump action guns typically have a lower capacity than other types of firearms, as they only hold one round in the chamber at a time.

Semi Automatic Action

A semi-automatic firearm, also known simply as a semi-auto, is a self-loading or repeating firearm in which the cartridge is inserted into the chamber by the force of an operating spring and bolt and then fired by the action of a trigger. After firing a round, the operator must manually actuate the slide assembly to chamber another round.

One advantage of a semi-automatic firearm over a fully automatic one is that it conserves ammunition because once a bullet has been fired, only the weight of the spring returns the slide to its original position. A disadvantage is that operators must have basic training in weapon maintenance and cleaning because depositions from spent rounds can cause malfunctions.

Automatic Or Fully Automatic Action

Automatic or fully automatic action refers to a type of firearm that is designed to fire continuously when the trigger is held down. These types of firearms are often referred to as “machine guns.” Fully automatic weapons are typically only used by military and law enforcement personnel, as they are highly regulated by federal law.


Derringers are small, concealable handguns that have been around since the early 1800s. They are named after their inventor, Henry Deringer, and are characterised by their short barrels and lack of a cylinder.

Derringers are typically single-shot weapons, though some modern designs do offer additional rounds. They are very simple in design and operation, and can be easily concealed on the body. Derringers are not as accurate as larger handguns, but their small size makes them ideal for self-defence situations.

The Pros And Cons Of Each Style

There are two basic styles of firearm actions: semi automatic and double action. Each has its own pros and cons that should be considered when choosing a gun.

Semi automatic pistols are typically lighter and easier to carry than double action pistols. They also have a shorter trigger pull, which can be an advantage in close quarters situations. However, semi automatic pistols have several disadvantages. First, they require the hammer to be manually cocked before each shot, which can be slow in a fast-paced situation. Second, if the hammer is accidentally released while cocking, the gun will discharge. Finally, semi automatic only guns cannot be fired in double action mode, so you must choose between a lighter trigger pull or the ability to fire rapidly.

Double action pistols are typically more powerful than semi automatic pistols and can fire in both single and double action modes. This makes them more versatile and faster to shoot in most situations. However, double action pistols are usually heavier and bulkier than semi automatic pistols, making them more difficult to carry. Additionally, their longer trigger pull can make them more difficult to control in close quarters situations.


What are the two basic styles of firearm actions?There are two main types of firearm actions: semi-automatic and fully automatic. In a semi-automatic action, the weapon will fire one round per trigger pull, while in a fully automatic action, the weapon will continue to fire rounds as long as the trigger is held down. Both types of actions have their benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Whichever type of action you choose, make sure you’re familiar with its operation and safety features to avoid accidents.

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