Alejandro Sanz Surprises Daughter on Graduation Day, Revealing Her Remarkable Growth

Alejandro Sanz

The singer flew from Spain to Mexico to witness this momentous occasion in Manuela’s life; he brought along a confidante to maintain the meeting’s secrecy and take pictures. Social media erupted when Alejandro Sanz shocked his oldest daughter.

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Jaydy Michel and Manuela Sanz

The first child of Mexican model Jaydy Michel and Spanish singer Manuela Sanz, she gravitated toward her mother’s career and entered the fashion industry. The 22-year-old thought her father wouldn’t be able to attend her graduation this Saturday, but the “Amiga mia” interpreter uploaded a video showing her surprising reaction.

Manuela Sanz wrote to her father, “On Saturday I graduate,” as the artist revealed in a few screenshots from his Instagram page. “I am so proud of myself.”The musician said, “I would have liked to go, but I have a lot of things to do here.” His daughter answered, “Yeah, Daddy, I imagined it,” no issue.

The artist, however, had a secret weapon and chose to go from Spain to Mexico to surprise his daughter, keeping her convinced that he would not be there on her big day. Alejandro Sanz texted Manuela, asking, “Did you seriously think that a few thousand kilometers were going to prevent me from being with you on such a special day for you?” before they entered the chamber where catwalk presentations and an art exhibition would take place.

Sebastián Rulli

With a bouquet in hand, the “Corazón partío” singer instantly made her way into the room where his daughter, her mother, and her friends were gathered. The artist continued to embrace Manuela as she broke down and started crying uncontrollably while seated at the table holding her dog Trufa in her arms.

They then struck a pose for the cameras. Manuela donned the gown and cap. The Spanish singer exclaimed, “My girl, how beautiful your innocence is.” “My favourite sport is surprising you, and my prize is your enjoyment. As you are already aware, thousands or even millions of kilometers wouldn’t stop me from being in your presence on this momentous day.

Happy graduation, my dear life. The musician, who has over seven million Instagram followers, said, “I love you,” in the post. Numerous international celebrities expressed their congrats on the post, which touched all of the fans. Actress Sara Sálamo, who is Isco’s partner in football, wrote, “I’m not crying.” Actor Sebastián Rulli of Argentina said, “What beauty.” Claudia Villafañe, on her part, said, “What a lovely moment, what happiness for you and your daughter.” Lovely phrases.”

The sincere statement from Jaydy Michel in response to Alejandro Sanz’s shock

Jaydy Michel was unable to miss her daughter’s graduation and took part in Alejandro Sanz’s surprise for Manuela. Through her more than 219 thousand Instagram followers, the Mexican model paid tribute to the recipient with a few meaningful comments.

Some feelings are so evident in the response that they don’t require description. It was challenging to keep the surprise a secret, but it was well worth it. The pleased mother exclaimed, “I love you so much and I am so proud of the great human being you became.” He went on, saying, “Your soul shines even brighter today, and your talents are to be admired.”

Congratulations on completing the first part of the amazing trip that lies ahead of you. I am so proud of you, and I hope to be here to celebrate each milestone with you and that you will always hold my hand as we go on. Alejandro Sanz, in the meantime, indicated that they had prepared his approach: “I appreciate you being my partner in this,” he emphasized.

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