Cecilia Milone’s Powerful Defense Post-Split from Nito Artaza: Opening Up About Betrayal

Cecilia Milone

They called it quits on their partnership after many years together amid rumors of third parties in turmoil; she has since posted a video on social media about the nature of love.

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Ángel de Brito

Ángel de Brito declared in LAM (America) at the start of December 2023 that he was getting a divorce “with a pen in his hand, on the verge of happening.” To whom was he speaking? To Nito Artaza and Cecilia Milone, a couple who started dating covertly in 1999 even though he was married at the time; they chose their love over all else.

Their affection emerged, but before getting married in Corrientes in 2017, they went through a number of ups and downs. However, they have now made the decision to break their relationship amid rumours of third parties in Discord. In this setting, the story’s protagonist made a sincere comeback to the networks.

The LAM driver reiterated in December that he had foreseen the potential separation in October. During her difficult personal moment with alleged third parties in discord, the singer surprised her 47 thousand followers in the last few hours by sitting in an armchair in front of a camera and recording some reflective words that ended up on his Instagram feed.

This was done while she was performing live with Porteñas and Master Tango. It was precisely about love that she debated. In actuality, her message was not ignored in fact, it is even more so now that she and Artaza have broken up.

Love is Painless

“Love is painless.” The actress opened the video by saying, “It’s almost perverse that this is so installed.” Heartbreak is the kind of sorrow that ruins your heart. It’s not the love that’s inside your heart; rather, it’s the betrayal of your love or the lack of love, she went on.

She questioned out loud, “Would it occur to you to say that someone died of oxygen?” “No, I would never say that, but you are fully aware that oxygen deprivation can be fatal. With love, the same thing takes place.

With profound earnestness and empathy, she said, “The only thing that saves you is what you feel, all that love you feel, or that love they have for you.” “Avoid stepping into the trap. Love does not harm, I told myself over and over,” Milone underlined. He said, “I swear to you,” but he didn’t say who his ex was.

68 thousand people watched the video, and Instagram users quickly left comments on his remarks. Some of the replies her admirers sent her were, “Totally if it hurts, it is not love,” “Love heals you, hugs you, and protects you, but it never hurts Ceci,” “It took me a while to learn, but I learned,” and “How true Cecilia.”

Breaking his silence, Nito Artaza disclosed the cause of his split from Cecilia Milone

Artaza finally spoke out about the rumors circulating about her and Milone after their split became widely known. “As usual, this is what I want to be clear about. In our conversation, adultery was never brought up with my wife. That agenda never included us. “We communicate virtually every day with her,” he claimed in an American conversation with Intrusos.

The chronicler questioned whether “wear and tear on the part of the couple” may have been the cause of their breakup, but Artaza responded that “it could” have been a variety of factors, saying, “We will talk about it together with Cecilia.” I want to avoid repeating myself.

She doesn’t want to talk about it, and that’s something I appreciate. On television, it is seen in this light, but when such problems arise, they are perceived as uncomfortable. My wing remains partially fractured. I put on my finest smile, and they walk out on me, calling me a liar. Not me, of course,” he said.

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