Paula Chaves Reacts to Rumors of Romance Between Pedro Alfonso and Flor Vigna: Setting the Record Straight!

Paula Chaves

The model had to deal with long-standing rumors that she and the musician and influencer had an affair. Following Flor Vigna’s recent split from Luciano Castro, talk turned to the artist’s romantic history, sparking an old rumor that once connected her to Paula Chaves’ husband, Pedro Alfonso.

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Angel de Brito

The model and host broke their silence to discuss the matter in light of the several accounts of an alleged affair. Angel de Brito got in touch with Paula Chaves when Mimi Alvarado made a comment a few days ago stating that Vigna would have had a secret romance with a married celebrity while Alfonso was in the news.

The LAM host remarked, “The first thing he tells me is: ‘what a fiaca,'” and read the entire message he got from the Bake Off host: Would you like me to tell you something? I swear, I can’t believe I’m revisiting this subject.” We never disagreed with it,” she said.

“Does that imply that it never happened and it wasn’t a problem, or that it happened and you didn’t care?” The interviewer was interested in learning if there was any connection between the producer and Vigna, who together created the winning duet of Bailando por a Dream in 2016 before going on to perform theatre.

Flor Vigna & Nico Occhiato

Chaves then retorted, “I trust Pedro; it didn’t happen.” Flor Vigna and her partner Nico Occhiato at the time had a lot in common. These are the little things that add up: she returned home, and Nico and I went out. Others made me envious; she never did.” Paula shut up. De Brito further disclosed that Chaves requested that he notify him if he have any proof about these conjectures.

It’s important to keep in mind that Alfonso refuted the same rumors years prior. The producer and actor defended himself when invited to the 2018 episode of Confrontados. “These are things that are said, many with bad intentions. and to try to cause harm, but we are very safe and Pau knows well the relationship I have with Flor, who was always part of our family.”

However, it is important to note that there were reports of a conflict involving Chaves and Alfonso several months ago. Alarms regarding the couple’s potential split were raised following the model’s interview; however, Olivia, Baltazar, and Filipa’s mother took to social media to refute the rumors of a split and to explain her marriage to her husband.

In a conversation with the radio program Todo Pasa (Urbana Play), he shared that he and Pedro had experienced a “quilombo” last year that caused them to live apart for at least three weeks. “We slept in separate rooms,” he stated. they had to share a kiss in the theatre while coexisting and working together.

Pedro and Paula

He went on to say of that difficult time, “We are always very close, we have a very good relationship; We love it, we laugh, but we had a disagreement and we fought for a month,” but in the end, the pair was able to work things out. Then, she posted a video to Instagram saying, “I am not separated, I am happily very in love with my husband.”

The model and producer’s love story started in 2010 and took on the characteristics of a reality show when they first met in front of the cameras while she was competing in Dancing for a Dream and he was working on the Marcelo Tinelli-hosted series. They enthralled the audience right away with their first flirtation, which included live serenades, gifts, and sultry comings and goings.

They later acknowledged their romance and a subsequent breakup, which appeared to be final, on the same dance floor. But they took a chance on their love and continued on a path that involved work during the summer. One of the most stable couples on the scene is Pedro and Paula. They frequently post family memories and personal projects on social media, which sparks interest among their fans.

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