Eva De Dominici Shares Glimpses of Her Birthplace in Villa Fiorito: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Eva De Dominici

The actor, who is based in Los Angeles, posted a collection of vintage photos that somewhat encapsulated her narrative: “I’m far away, but in my mind I visit her all the time.”

Eva De Dominici’s life completely changed in 2018 when she bravely decided to leave Argentina and relocate to the United States to pursue her studies. She never expected to fall in love and begin a family with music producer Eduardo Cruz, who is the brother of actress Penélope Cruz.

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Villa Fiorito

She always has happy memories of him, even though she is far from her home country, and this Wednesday was no different. The 28-year-old posted several photos in the previous few hours that told part of her biography, including her early years spent in Villa Fiorito, a community in Lomas de Zamora.

With 2.9 million followers on Instagram, she shared the following on the platform: “The house where I spent endless hours daydreaming as a youngster is located in the slums of Argentina. Even though I’m far away, I think about it frequently.

“The Villa Fiorito house, one of the houses that marked my childhood,” he concluded. Even though I live far away, I constantly see her in my thoughts.”

The images she selected for that collage moved the majority of people, ranging from the exterior of her modest house to an old snapshot of her perched on a ladder and the identity card she used to join the María Reina School natatorium.

My eyes filled with tears

It got hundreds of comments in addition to thousands of likes. “My next-door neighbor. How could we have forgotten that we were leaving our schools at the 314 stop? You go to castings or recordings hand in hand with your mother after school! Good and cheerful at all times.

“How wonderful, Eva, to have the greatness of not losing in our memories, where we come from.” “So pretty, Eva!” A couple of them were “Our origins” and “My eyes filled with tears, how nice it is to remember where you come from!”

However, this is not the first time the former Ugly Duckling has made reference to her origins on social media. She supported a family business a few days ago with her stories: a complex of cabins in the Buenos Aires municipality of Cañuelas, which is named after her real last name, Quattrochi.

The publication to which Cairo Cruz’s mother responded describes it as “a place to rest, disconnect, and reconnect with nature.” Cairo Cruz is four years old. It appears from the Cabquattrocchi Instagram profile that the project started in January.

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

The complex features a camping table and private grills for each cabin, and it is 55 km away from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It also features common areas like the soccer fields, swimming pool, and grilling area.

They mentioned Eva’s promotion from her profile in one of the questions they provided for people who might be interested. “Hi there. They were curious when a note featuring Eva De Dominici promoting them surfaced. “Hi there! Indeed.

They replied, “We are her family, the Quattrocchi family,” reaffirming that her family is the rightful owner of the project. However, what is the price of a stay at the Quattrocchi Cabins? Up to four people can stay in each cabin, which has a nightly rate of $30,000.

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