The Mystery Unveiled: Why Jimena Monteverde Was Absent from Juana Viale’s Debut Show in Mar del Plata

Juana Viale

When the cook did not show up for the first lunch with Juana Viale from the Atlantic coast, the host hurled a live stick at her and explained.

For the first time since taking over from her grandmother Mirtha Legrand as head of the luncheon, Juana Viale broadcast her show from Mar del Plata this Sunday. Her granddaughter used the iconic Costa Galana hotel, which served as a historic haven during the summer months in “la Chiqui,” as a backdrop for her photo shoot.

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Jimena Monteverde

As usual, she reprimanded Jimena Monteverde for being absent on such a momentous occasion. At his Mar del Plata table, Viale hosted Darío Lopilato, Federico Bal, Silvia Kutika, Alexis “el Cone” Quiroga, and Cecilia Ce. To everyone’s amazement, however, she did not bring her regular weekly cook, Legrand, who hosted La Noche de Mirtha (eltrece) from La Feliz on this trip.

Because of their behavior in front of the camera, which often veered into the absurd and the simple game of driving itself, Monteverde and Juanita’s relationship was always a topic of conversation. The host honored that ancient custom even though she wasn’t there and added a biting remark.

Everything began at the opening of the program when the hotel chef came in and gave the daily menu to the guests who were already seated at the table. “Jime is my buddy, ally, and partner; we adore each other dearly, but she can’t be everywhere because she does other jobs. Thus, you are here to entertain, and she stayed in Buenos Aires working,” Viale clarified.

Mar del Plata’s

“Tell me, this is all messy with me,” he continued. Are you with my grandmother, I take it. The chef clarified, “Yes, I am with your grandmother too,” in response to his question. I’ll need to act in a slightly more formal manner. There won’t be an additional one available for me.

He then went on to describe the meal items for the guests, which included a “sea garden, Salicornia vinaigrette, fried oysters, natural yogurt, and wakame seaweed oil]” appetiser. In celebration of the city of Mar del Plata’s 150th anniversary, there will be “clay lemon fish” for the main course and “anniversary alfajor” for dessert.

The pink appearance of Juana Viale that caused sighs

Juana Viale donned an all-pink outfit with a unique touch that connected her to the current feminine coquette trend. Social media was ablaze with comments regarding Gino Bogani’s ensemble, and many were left sighing in agreement with the host’s choice of clothing.

The outfit is made of a sweet pink silk crepe. Comparable to the one found in the candied package. connected by three golden rings at the rear of the neckline. Juanita talked about the candies that are the same tone as the Sugus boxes, saying, “And it has a double skirt with side slits and the jewelry is also his.”

Regarding her haircut, she continued, “I have a mare’s spike braid.” Take that orange, the one with the mare and the three rings. And they offered me a quick bow. In the meantime, the headgear he wore alluded to the coquette that is a common feature on the portraits of well-known Argentines on social media, including Emilia Mernes and María Eugenia “la China” Suárez.

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