Ideal for Valentine’s Day: Oscar-Nominated Romantic Film Guaranteed to Bring Tears to Your Eyes

Ideal for Valentine's Day

The film, which was nominated for an Academy Award and ran for one and a half hours, will soon be available in Argentine theatres. Do you believe that there is a perfect individual for another?

Ideal for Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Argentina in a few days, and couples are getting ready to plan this unique date night for their loved ones. Selecting a string of love films is one of the oldest strategies for this day. And soon, on the big screen, there will be an ideal that will bring you to tears.

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Celine Song

Here is Past Lives, a 2023 film written and directed by American-Korean filmmaker Celine Song. With a duration of slightly more than two hours, the movie is nominated for two 2024 Oscars: Best Original Screenplay and Best Film. It is also up for awards at the 2024 Golden Globes in the following categories: Best Foreign Language Film, Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actress (with Greta Lee), Best Dramatic Film, and Best Director.

The movie presents the tale of Nora and Hae Sung, who became friends as children and have a close bond. However, when Nora was just ten years old, her family decided to move from South Korea to Canada, and she lost contact with her partner.

A few years later, the young lady studies theatre in New York and crosses paths with Hae once again. She is faced with a decision that could alter her entire present. She wears a ring on her finger.

Greta Lee

The movie, which will be released in theatres on February 29, primarily stars Greta Lee, Yoo Teo, and John Magaro. It is not presently accessible in Argentina on any streaming service. Critics gave Past Lives a lot of praise. “A meticulous dissection of time crowns the debut director. Few movies are as lucid, brilliant, perceptive, and let’s be honest sad,” El Mundo said.

According to Cinemanía, the plot is amazing and full of love. Most likely the most exquisite movie of the year. They wrote: “A Touching Story about reunions and Interrupted Love” in Fotogramas. Celine Song tells a tale with exquisite compassion, empathy, and delicacy.

The swoon-worthy tale, starring Anne Hathaway, appeared on Netflix without warning

2011 saw Anne Hathaway in a romantic comedy that was a box office hit. It was called One Day, and it was based on the 2009 book by British novelist David Nicholls. Under the direction of Lone Scherfig, the production—in which Jim Sturgess also performed—told the tale of Emma and Dexter’s love.

A fourteen-chapter television series version of the tale will debut on Netflix on February 8. This time, Nicholls and Nicole Taylor served as executive directors. Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall will play Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, respectively. Essie Davis, Tim McInnerny, Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon, Eleanor Tomlinson, Joely Richardson, and Toby Stephens will round out the group.

This movie will also be available for streaming just before Valentine’s Day is observed in Argentina, showcasing itself as a fantastic choice for viewing on this noteworthy occasion.

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