DirecTV and SKY Introduce Interactive Television in Latin America: A Revolutionary Shift in Content Consumption


Companies affiliated with Vrio Corp. inked a deal to provide cutting-edge software to 40 million individuals across 11 nations in the area. In Latin America, a new method of watching television is introduced.

For the first time, interactive television will be available in Latin American households thanks to a partnership between TAPPP, a pioneer in contextual commerce and interactivity, and Vrio Corp., the parent company of SKY Brasil and DirecTV Latin America in North America.

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TV Streaming DGO

Beginning in the second quarter of 2024, clients in Argentina, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Curacao, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, and Puerto Rico will be able to utilize the service exclusively and gradually. non-exclusive manner. Over 40 million people will be impacted by the interactive experience overall.

To enable real-time interactive services on their linear TV services as well as their live TV and streaming platforms DGO in Latin America and the Caribbean and SKY+ in Brazil, DirecTV Latin America, and SKY Brasil will install TAPPP’s MicroApp PlatformTM for all of their clients.

The MicroApp platform is set to revolutionize the way viewers engage with video material. Initially, it will be accessible during live sports broadcasts, and it will gradually extend to encompass all forms of entertainment programming.

Mariana Lischner Goldvarg

Offering a range of tools to improve the viewing experience and enable audience participation through one-click commerce, personalized statistics, skill-based contests, and audience surveys, it is the first interactive content and transaction management platform.

With content, betting odds, and promos that can be customized to the viewer’s interests, the programming they’re watching, and the precise events taking place at that moment, each app is “contextually aware.”

“To our subscribers, this radically broadens and redefines what a customized, viewer-specific television experience may be. The way we consume content is being revolutionized, according to Mariana Lischner Goldvarg, CEO of Vrio Corp. She added, “A viewer can also take advantage of personalized offers instantly and get exactly what they want when they want it with contextual commerce.”

DirecTV and SKY

DirecTV and SKY will provide marketers who are a part of the industry-wide push for metrics with strong TAPPP data proving that viewers are engaging with the content in addition to just watching it.

According to Sandy Agarwal, CEO and founder of TAPPP, “We are thrilled to bring our MicroApp platform to viewers beyond the United States with a powerful brand like DirecTV in Latin America and SKY in Brazil.”

“We think that viewers throughout the region, particularly millennials and Gen Zers, who expect more and more interactivity in their entertainment options, will embrace real-time interactivity with enthusiasm.”

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