Paula Chaves Breaks Silence: Setting the Record Straight on Rumors Linking Pedro Alfonso with Flor Vigna

Paula Chaves breaks

The model and actress brought up Mimi, Tirri’s lover, and insisted that she believes in her husband while also expressing her tiredness from her accusations against him. Following the reappearance of rumors regarding an alleged relationship between her husband Pedro Alfonso and Florencia Vigna, Paula Chaves lost control.

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Marcelo Tinelli

Because of this, the model revealed via a LAM (América TV) cell phone that Mimi, the cousin of Marcelo Tinelli and girlfriend of Tirri [Luciano José Giugno], would have had an affair with the singer in the past. She clarified that she is “tired” of talking about this subject and refuted her versions.

The model stated categorically that she did not comprehend the emergence of the rumor that connected Alfonso to Vigna, who was born many years ago but passed away long ago. However, Chaves did not back down in front of the cameras following this week’s media controversy, following Mimi’s revival of a completed song.

Chaves asserted, “I mean, she never made me feel anything. Flor never made me jealous, others did make me jealous, and Flor in particular never made me jealous.” I remember that we practiced in the living room at home, and Oli went to rehearsals with Pepe and Flor.

Carlos Paz

As a woman, I had just given birth to Baltazar, and with all the hormonal revolution, she frequently returned home with Nico. I was never envious of her. Mostly, I have faith in my husband. That is the first point. Secondly, he never caused me to feel envious. “Everyone saying ‘because I know because I saw’ and that anyone discarding anything is what gives me a little pause and wears me out,” Paula remarked in a distressed voice.

Furthermore, he underscored that his family particularly his children is the source of the words spoken and that this has an impact on their wellbeing. “Fortunately, my kids don’t use tablets or see cell phones, but we still talk about things casually.

However, there’s a rumor that Mimi starts, and they start to copy it. It was fantastic that we spent a season at Carlos Paz together,” he continued. Finally, he said, “I can’t sit down and explain what somebody tosses away because they start to recreate it when they sing about it.

My spouse is right, I think. I am tired of believing in Pedro, even though I know what happened to me at that precise moment, and I refuse to stop believing that we have been together for 13 years because of a girl who one day decided to declare herself to be a hummingbird and start everything again.

Breast Cancer

Paula, meanwhile, recalled losing her closest friend to breast cancer, which claimed her life in less than a year. This, she revealed, altered her perspective on things and her understanding of her relationships with other people. She made it clear that she does not think these problems are important for this reason.

About the potential liaison, he insisted, “If it had occurred, I would forgive it.” “I have three kids. My ten-year-old daughter, for example, can stroll into a friend’s house today and watch this show; tomorrow, she’ll ask me. Fortunately, she doesn’t use Instagram or TikTok. She angrily screamed, “So, who pays the consequences for saying any nonsense?”

He concluded by saying, “There is something in life that has taught me how much I want to live a positive life. Since life is brief, I don’t want to get involved in foolish activities. There is not much time left to enjoy life to the fullest.

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