Alain Delon’s Shocking and Dramatic Confession Sends Alarm Bells Ringing Across France!

Alain Delon

An examination showed that the French actor suffers a substantial impairment in his cognitive capacities.

The legendary French actor Alain Delon looks miserable at eighty-eight years old. The French celebrity admitted months ago in a court probe that he no longer wanted to live after the discomfort he felt as a result of the charges of alleged abuse made by his kids against his helper, Hiromi Rollin.

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The Samurai

When the interpreter was questioned in July of last year, the daily Le Parisien reported that he appeared feeble and showed possible signs of cognitive decline. They saw that he needed crutches for mobility and appeared drowsy, with difficulty forming cohesive words.

The actor is in a state of physical and mental weariness with a substantial risk of suicide, according to the results of his medical testing, which also revealed that he lacks discernment.

In 2019, the main character of The Samurai, suffering from a serious health condition, restricted himself to his French residence in the commune of Douchy after suffering three strokes in 30 days.

The artist’s eldest son, Anthony Delon, revealed in an interview with Paris Match at the beginning of the year that his father was ill and that he “can’t stand seeing himself like this, diminished anymore.”

Alain Delon

These assertions corroborate the actor’s remarks made during the interrogation conducted by his assistant amid the investigation. The French media said that Delon would have said, “I want to die, life is over,” to the agents questioning him.

Although the complaint against Rollin was dismissed, intimate aspects of the relationship that Delon maintained with the woman were revealed, whom he accused of manipulation: “At first we had a personal and professional relationship, then you realize that everything was calculated, searched, and at times it was more intimate.

It is a human relationships classic. Acknowledge that I am Alain Delon,” the actor said. The actor added, “He didn’t get much, he could have had more if he had convinced me that he couldn’t be anyone and have nothing without me.” This person allegedly put pressure on the actor to get married.

Delon’s Marriage

Although he claims they were mutual, the movie superstar admits there were instances of violence in his relationship: “Yes, there were, in response to my physical blows, when I got angry,” he stated. The actor’s heirs were afraid that the longtime employee would take advantage of her current state to gain a portion of her money, given the actor’s cognitive decline.

His children are faced with a family disagreement amid the legal proceedings. Anthony, who like his brother Alain-Fabien was a product of Delon’s marriage to his first wife, Nathalie Delon, mentioned the legal issues that caused the family to split up in the note he sent to Paris Match. “He feels depressed because he sees all the tension around him,” the man remarked.

After Anouchka, another of the actor’s daughters and the product of his relationship with the Dutch model Rosalie van Breemen (who was Delon’s partner from 1987 to 2000), announced her plans to take her father from the Douchy residence and bring him to Switzerland, the problems would have begun.

Swiss Clinic

However, the actor’s suffering led to him being transported to Douchy, where today he is in the company largely of Alain-Fabien, who settled in that house to help his father in the care of his son.

The actor’s oldest son stated in the interview that his stepsister withheld information “for personal interests” and that “between 2019 and 2022, my father underwent five cognitive tests in a Swiss clinic and that he did not pass any of them.”

This circumstance is the reason Anthony and Alain-Fabien are upset with Anouchka: in their opinion, hiding the tests that Delon took and their outcomes would have hurt their case against Rollin.

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