Oscars 2024: Academy Member Commits ‘Sincericide’ Following Controversial Barbie Debacle

Oscars 2024

Unrelenting in his criticism, an institution member pointed out that the film’s creators were not nominated for Best Director or Best Actress.

The debate over Margot Robbie’s and Greta Gerwig’s exclusion from the Oscars 2024 competitions for Best Leading Actress and Best Director, respectively, never goes away. Many voices were raised in support of the women who created Barbie, as they were the ones who were left out of the nominees.

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Academy of Cinematographic Arts

Fans protested on social media, coworkers spoke out in support of them, and even celebrities like Stephen King surprised the audience by sharing his surprise. They now objected to the ruling from the same Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. It dismissed one of its members, saying, “It was a terrible mistake,” and harshly denounced the “snub.”

The 2024 Oscar nominations were unveiled on January 23 by actors Jack Quaid and actress Zazie Beets. The ceremony is scheduled for March 10 in Los Angeles. Gerwig and her husband Noah Baumbach were nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, while Barbie was nominated for Best Picture.

Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his part as Ken, and America Ferrera was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work on Barbie. A representative of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences affirmed with this panorama that Gerwig’s win for Best Director and Margot Robbie’s exclusion from the Best Actress category was “the latest in patriarchy.”

Oscars 2024 Category Nominations

One of the Academy members told People magazine, “It saddens me that this recognition, which is so deserved, has been rejected because it is wrong on every level.” After that, he described the voting process and was perplexed by the outcome.

He claims that members who share a category are nominated in that category, except for the best picture, which is decided by a vote of all members. He clarified, “That’s how nominations work.” In that regard, he noted that it is peculiar that Barbie has performed so well to rank among the finest movies while Gerwig has not been included due to the peculiarities in the voting process.

Otras de las posibles explicaciones que brindó la fuente fue la naturaleza del film. “Traditionally, plays don’t yield good results in academia,” the speaker said. “Aunque es un filme que además de ser una comedia, recaudó más de mil millones de dólares.” Se întrebó, ¿Cómo no le das crédito al director? Cuántas escritores de filmes tan taquilleras han tenido? “This was a phenomenon,” they added.

Los Asesinos de la Luna

Even though the source acknowledged that Gerwig and Robbie’s departure from the Academy was “a terrible error,” she clarified that the nominations showed historical diversity, with Lily Gladstone becoming the first American-born actress to be nominated for an Oscar among the contenders for Best Actress.

Gladstone is best known for her role in Los Asesinos de la Luna. Additionally, emphasized that the first nominations of their careers went to Emily Blunt, Jeffrey Wright, Sterling K. Brown, America Ferrera, and Cillian Murphy.

Women in 2024 at the Oscars

According to People, women make up one-third of the nominations this year. Nine women are competing for Best Picture, while Justine Triet, a woman, is up for Best Director for her film Anatomy of a Fall. With Triet’s nomination, at least one Best Picture nominee who is female-directed has done so for five years running.

It is important to keep in mind that, since the 1929 Oscar ceremony, just eight women have received nominations for Best Director, and only three of them have taken home the trophy: Jane Campion in 2021, Chloé Zhao in 2020, and Kathryn Bigelow in 2009.

Whoopi Goldberg

Against the overwhelming criticism that Gerwig and Robbie’s inclusion sparked, a Hollywood celebrity made the unpopular choice to act differently. Whoopi Goldberg made it apparent on Wednesday’s broadcast of The View that she disagreed with the criticisms.

As the presenters talked about her favorite movies and those who were nominated, the actress said, “Here’s the deal: not everyone wins!” “I want to make it clear that they are not slights. You don’t get everything you want. Films are personal. Not everyone is given a prize. Voters might not share your appreciation for the movies you watch,” she added.

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