Emilia Mernes’ Viral Response to Questions About Javier Milei’s Government Stirs Controversy!

Emilia Mernes

When a fan asked the singer a question, the vocalist was uneasy and appeared disappointed by her idol’s response.

Emilia Mernes gave a press conference to discuss her upcoming European tour and her latest album, “.MP3,” during the presentation of her tour in Spain.

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Javier Milei’s Government

But when someone asked her about Javier Milei’s government, she became confused, and someone from her staff had to step in to diffuse the situation.

“Argentines may suffer cuts due to Milei’s new government,” inquired one of the fans who had attended the interview session. How are you handling this circumstance as an Argentine woman artist?

The native of Nogoyá, clearly uncomfortable, forced a grin, to which one of her coworkers replied, “She is not going to talk about politics.” Duki’s girlfriend apologized and giggled apprehensively. “No, it’s alright, I get it,” the disgruntled admirer answered.

Emilia Mernes

The pictures had multiple effects after they swiftly became viral. While some felt the president had no business being politicized, others were upset that he had not gone out in either of or against him.

Emilia Mernes is a style icon who is still having a great time at work, and in 2024 she has big concerts and music releases planned. The Entre Ríos woman made the glitter under her eyes her signature and her Y2K aesthetic her particular style. She now disclosed her wearing style to anyone wishing to copy her appearance.

During an interview with Vogue Spain, the artist shared a video that demonstrated how to install them step-by-step. Here are the directions in two easy steps:

Apply lash glue to the outer corner of each eye. She said, “I calculate it well in the centre, under the pupil, and the eyelashes.” “We remove the glue, but sometimes we can smudge the eyelashes a little,” she said.

Using a tiny tweezer, move the glitter which can be tiny stones, crystals, or rhinestones to the exact spot where the glue lies. And prepared!

Little Stars

The singer also shared the step-by-step and gave a reflection on her current project and how she tries to convey it via her style. “They are now tiny stars instead of circular sparkles.

“My music and profession are evolving,” I explained, “and so, the small stars also had to change eras.” That’s why I switched to small Stars.”

The readers were quick to notice the video and showered the singer with compliments. “How incredible,” “She is beautiful,” and “A unique beauty” were the sentiments they sent to the artist, who introduced her line of glitter kits to mimic her appearance more than a year ago.

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