Eva Bargiela Faces a Lethal Dilemma: Choosing Between Saving Facundo Moyano or Nicole Neumann, and the Plot Thickens with ‘They Already Know Each Other'”

Eva Bargiela

When the model imagined a scenario in which both her ex-husband and the jury of “The 8 Steps” were in danger, she answered with all honesty.

Eva Bargiela and Facundo Moyano had a highly publicized breakup in the middle of the previous year. The model claimed to have learned of her relationship’s problems when the politician brought them up on TV.

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Bailando 2023

Since then, despite their efforts to patch things up, their relationship still has a lot of kinks, as the last Bailando 2023 (America) participant showed.

In an interview with Rumis (La Casa streaming), Juariu put Eva in a make-believe scenario where she could save two persons who were in danger. On a raft, everything is peaceful until you hear two people drowning. Nicole Neumann was on one side and Facundo Moyano was on the other, as the panelist clarified.

“Whom does Eva manage to save?” He made an intriguing debut. The model giggled, taken aback by the question, and blurted out, “None! Allow them to save one another.

Everyone in the studio started cheering Bargiela’s reaction and praising her choice. She joked, “If you already know each other, let them help each other.” Are you still on your island, then?

Nicole Neumann or Facundo Moyano

Juariu desired to comprehend. She clarified, “I don’t listen, my hearing is very bad,” suggesting that she wouldn’t be interested in saving Nicole Neumann or Facundo Moyano.

Recall that in 2017, during one of his relationship troubles with Bargiela, the political leader had an affair with the jury of The 8 Steps. The models’ relationship has not been good since, and Eva even claimed that he blocked her on WhatsApp.

Pochi, from the Gossipeame account, responded to the criticism by sharing the footage and saying the model made an unjust choice. “In my opinion, Eva needed to preserve Moyano because it was primarily because of him that she carried the “vidurri” for so long. Along with ours, but because of him… “Let us not play around,” she murmured.

Eva Bargiela disclosed her romance with Manu Urcera

Eva Bargiela shocked everyone by acknowledging that she had an affair with Nicole Neumann’s present husband, Manu Urcera, some time ago. The model revealed specifics about that vintage event.

A rumor that the racing driver had been Facundo Moyano’s ex-partner surfaced after the top model announced her engagement and started wedding planning. The mystery was resolved this Monday when Eva revealed what the protagonists had been hiding.

In an interview with Eltrece’s Socios del Espectáculo, he stated: “Yes, but let’s clarify the many.” Nothing was overlapping, it was a long time ago. They were going to get married, so when that was revealed, I just wanted to die. When asked about the relationship, she said, “I don’t know where I met him,” without providing specifics. I can’t recall.”

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