Natalia Graciano Breaks the Silence on Split from Matías Martin, Revealing How Their Children Reacted

Natalia Graciano

After declaring the end of her relationship with the driver whom she had married more than 15 years prior the model finally spoke.

After spending almost two decades together, Matías Martin declared his split from Natalia Graciano after the previous year. The businesswoman made her first public remarks regarding the family’s adjustment to the new routine amidst speculation about the causes of the crisis.

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Alejo and Mía

“We made the decision, and we are both doing very well,” Graciano remarked over a cell phone for LAM (America). In keeping with her demeanor, she remained reticent and refrained from providing extensive information regarding the state of her relationship with the driver.

After being married in 2005, the couple had two kids, Alejo and Mía, who are now 15 and 17 years old, respectively. The young folks received the news gently, as the model stated. She said, “Obviously, it is never easy to decide and tell the kids because, for the most part, they don’t expect it, but they took it well.”

He acknowledged that it was a process in any event, but they were able to comprehend and get past it gradually. “It’s evident that they had a difficult week, dealing with the news and everything, but they’re doing well today,” she continued, taking into account that they are already old enough to comprehend the circumstances.

“We put a lot of emphasis on family, and it shows,” Natalia Graciano said in closing, highlighting the value of the relationship she had been able to create with her kids and Matías Martin over time.

Matías Martin Reports

Matías Martin refuted reports that he and Natalia Graciano split up for political disagreements: “That would be absurd.”

Following the public revelation of his split from Natalia Graciano after twenty years together, Matías Martin’s life doesn’t appear to have changed all that much.

The presenter keeps making appearances with his family as if nothing has changed, even though he is set to release “El Legado” with his son Luca, the product of his former relationship with Nancy Dupláa.

Social Media Accounts

He posted various pictures of them together at two year-end gatherings on his social media accounts. The writer and the model reconnected for their daughter Mía’s graduation and then celebrated the year 2024.

When Matías was by himself with Telenoche, he refuted the rumor that their split was due to political disagreements. It would be absurd. He has no idea who said that if anyone did. He spoke without hesitation, “I don’t think we ever argued about it, but of course reality affects us and we chat.”

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