Allegations of Julieta Poggio’s Affair with a Soccer Player from the Argentine National Team

Julieta Poggio

While some continue to associate her with Fran Stoessel or Marcos Ginocchio, others assert that the former “Big Brother” is seeing a player.

Julieta Poggio had relationships with several men, including Fran Stoessel and Marcos Ginocchio. She has, however, now added a new name to the list: that of an Argentine National Team Soccer player.

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Nancy Duré

Nancy Duré shocked everyone this Monday on Socios del Espectáculo (eltrece) by revealing the scoop. “They witnessed her at a private party, in a bowling alley, coming, going, and in the center of the dance floor, sharing a kiss with whom? I’ll state it as a possibility, but I have proof. She started, “She would have been with Thiago Almada.”

He went on to emphasize that “three weeks ago,” during the middle of the football season’s finale, the dancer and actress and the offensive midfielder of Atlanta United would have had their intense encounter.

Julieta Poggio revealed something unexpected regarding Marcos Ginocchio and Fran Stoessel’s

Julieta Poggio and Fran Stoessel, the singer Tini Stoessel’s brother, had a long history together. The versions surfaced concurrently with reports of an affair involving her former lover and Big Brother 2022 champion, Marcos Ginocchio. But like the young man from Salta, she made it her mission to repeatedly deny both relationships.

The founder of The House of Streaming, for his part, brought up the matter recently and denied any wooing. “We have a great relationship with Juli, but we don’t have any intimate issues,” he stated before LAM (America). She was put in a difficult situation, nevertheless, when Juariu harassed her with a leading question after she accepted her invitation to participate in the show a few hours later.

It’s the last night you will have sex. That night, you will say goodbye and you will no longer have sex.”The influencer questioned, “Do you have it with Marcos or with Fran?” The Coqueluche actress declined to reply, but at some point, she said, “We’re having a threesome, come on.” Lizardo Ponce remarked after hearing her out, “What a champion! The queen is her.

How the rumors about Julieta Poggio and Fran Stoessel’s affair started

For a few months now, Julieta Poggio and Fran Stoessel have been the subject of romance rumors. Influencer Juariu was in charge of posting a picture of her birthday, which Tini’s brother had attended, on social media in October 2023.

He concluded, after making several assumptions, that Julieta was the one who had gone to the event with him and was seated next to him. The influencer deduced that the person seated at the table, identified by the screenshots, was a former Big Brother contestant based on the appearance of their sparkling nails and cell phone.

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