Navigating Tough Times: Juani Caruso and Felipe Ramusio Open Up About the Grueling Filming Experience of ‘The Snow Society

The Snow Society

In the film directed by JA Bayona, the actors portray Álvaro Mangini and Diego Storm, which narrates the narrative of the survivors of the 1972 plane disaster. They discussed the difficult recording conditions, the public’s response, and the awards season in an interview with TN Show.

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The Snow Society

The Snow Society, a gripping account of the survivors of the Andes disaster, debuted on Netflix on January 4. The narrative touched audiences all around the world. The actors Juani Caruso and Felipe Ramusio, who portray Álvaro Mangini and Diego Storm, respectively, talked with TN Show about the difficulties they faced during filming, the public’s reaction, and their expectations for the Oscar competition.

The film by JA Bayona received praise for its superb production value and accuracy in capturing the dramatic and poignant situations that the victims of the 1972 plane disaster had to deal with.

To accomplish this, the director oversaw a more than 140-day shoot that was primarily held in Granada, the Sierra Nevada, but also in the Andes Mountains, where extra shots were acquired to capture the last walk that Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa played by Agustín Pardella and Matías Recalt took.

Felipe Ramusio

The players attested to the fact that the harsh alpine weather, coupled with extended days of filming, created an incredibly difficult and demanding experience. Regarding the days spent outside, Felipe Ramusio said, “The most complex thing was when the sun went down and there the mountain became much spicier and it was a slightly more difficult climate that we were not used to.”

But both performers admitted that in the months before filming, they were able to develop a relationship with their fellow actors that enabled them to work through the obstacles of the set as a team. Juani Caruso remarked, “We were all in the same boat whenever we went through difficult times of filming, whenever we were tired, stressed, whatever.”

He continued, speaking to the unique experience they had at a set under harsh circumstances, “Sometimes you think that because we are filming a movie we can’t have a bad time, but there are hard times, one goes through a lot of emotional things, both bad and beautiful.”

Rotten Tomatoes

At its global premiere, the movie garnered overwhelmingly good reviews and accolades from reviewers, earning 90% of the vote on Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known website for TV and movie reviews.

The Snow Society is still in the running for the most significant nomination of the season, the Oscar for Best International Film, and has received thirteen nominations for the Goya Awards, in addition to a nomination for Best Foreign-language Film from the British BAFTA Awards.

It’s akin to spoiling the entire crew technician and actors alike, as well as the director and coach—for all the work they put in. It brings me immense joy,” Felipe Ramusio remarked.

Top Ten Films

“We cannot believe it because of the reception that a film produced by Spain, with Uruguayan and Argentine actors, with a Uruguayan team, is receiving worldwide… it’s a lot for us as Latinos too,” says Caruso, emphasizing how unique this kind of recognition is for a Spanish-speaking production.

In addition to winning over reviewers, the movie debuted in the top ten non-English speaking films and was the most watched non-English film in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, and Spain on Netflix. perspectives of the narrative, demonstrating its success at the movie office.

Talk about the movie spread quickly, and many celebrities and other prominent personalities saw it and were quick to acknowledge JA Bayona and the entire cast for their outstanding effort.

In addition to the plethora of celebrity responses, Tini Stoessel and Emilia Mernes recently discussed the movie and expressed how moved they were by the narrative. Javier Bardem was among the performers who conveyed his appreciation for the work in a chat with the director and two of its characters, Matías Recalt and Enzo Vogrincic, on a global scale.

Javier Bardem

The fact that Javier Bardem is discussing the movie so enthusiastically and using such kind words affected Juani deeply, she said. “They are artists that one has admired since childhood and for them to talk like this about a work that you are part of is very exciting,” Felipe continued on his behalf.

Juani Caruso is well-known on Twitter in addition to his acting career. He utilizes the platform to discuss a wide range of subjects, including his thoughts on the Big Brother (Telefe) cast members and even to share glimpses into his day-to-day activities. or respond to a range of inquiries.

The tweeter said a few days ago that he was thinking of sharing a list of his top songs with his followers so they would be aware of his taste in music. He posted on his account, “I listen to everything from RKT to the most flirtatious music in the world. I’m going to put together a playlist for you to listen to.”

The young man selected three albums from his collection that he felt were essential when asked by TN Show. “I’m listening to a lot of “Exclusive” by Emilia Mernes, “More Than This” by One Direction, and some by Dillom,” he said. “I really like C. Tangana, so “Ingobernable”, any Miranda song!, and I also listen to Rigoberta Bandini,” declared Felipe, after adding his three basics.

They haven’t yet decided what their next acting move will be. “Moving and waiting for projects,” Ramusio stated. Caruso revealed that he is focusing on his musical profession and intends to release new music shortly.

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