Luis Brandoni Spills the Surprising Tale Behind the Iconic ‘Three Empanadas’ Scene”

Broadway Theater

When asked to “have lunch with Juana,” the actor brought up a specific instance from “Waiting for the Carriage” filming.

This Sunday at Lunching with Juana, Luis Brandoni shared the backstory of one of the most iconic scenes in American cinema: the part where his character in Esperando the Float alludes to “the three empanadas for two people.”

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Martín Campilongo

It all began when another guest on the show, Martín Campilongo, announced that he would be directing a new adaptation of Jacobo Langsner’s script, Waiting for the Carriage. “It will be a new rendition, but they will need to incorporate the hits they created for the movie since ‘tres empanadas’ is a national hit and wasn’t in the original work,” “Campi” stated.

After hearing his colleague out, Brandoni corrected the mistake and clarified that it was a mistake in the original text. Indeed, it was written. And when we did it, nobody found it funny. “It was an amazing experience,” the artist remarked. The comic said, “I thought it was part of his imprint,” seeming shocked.

Later, Brandoni recalled his first theatrical experience of the original play: “It was the only occasion I wept from the audience, as it debuted in Buenos Aires.” It was truly remarkable. The movie was produced a few years later.

Broadway Theater

However, Campi revealed that the Broadway theater will host the new adaptation’s premiere in April. She also revealed that she will portray multiple characters. She laughed and said, “I told them a lot, so they have to pay it off.”

Luis Brandoni also discussed contemporary themes with Juana Viale and the other diners. The actor expressed strong disapproval of the CGT’s request for a general strike on January 24 of next year.

As far as I’m aware, this is the only strike that begins at noon. She ironically said, “It’s weird, isn’t it?” and expressed her prediction that it will be “a failure.”

Javier Milei’s

Furthermore, he examined the initial weeks of Javier Milei’s administration. “I see optimism for Argentina. We’re going to perform better, I believe. People are learning that saying no to something when it looks too expensive or not buying is one of the best strategies to combat inflation, which is why society is undergoing significant transformation, he continued. “There are many who are being abused, and people are going to react,” he said.

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