Luciana Salazar’s Intriguing Reaction to Discovering Redrado’s Girlfriend ‘Copying’ an Iconic Look: Time to Analyze!

Luciana Salazar

The artist revealed that the models she wore to parties were typically chosen by her ex’s current boyfriend. She also made a hint that she tries to mimic her demeanor.

Luciana Salazar believes that Martín Redrado’s new partner, businesswoman Lulú Sanguinetti, imitates some of her most famous looks. She was tired of this circumstance and decided to provide other examples to support her argument.

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How Toxic Redrado Is

The story of a user whose Instagram account the media chose to mimic reads, “How toxic Redrado is, he even makes the bride wear the same dress as Luciana Salazar.” He continues, saying, “He even mimics Luli’s hand gesture. Furthermore, Redrado has done it previously. It had already been covered by the media.

Later, he returned to discussing the subject and shared another message from the same follower, who wrote: “Really, Redrado’s purpose is psychological analysis.” Has a Lulu, but she wants a Luli.

Salazar remarked que, más allá of este aspecto fashionable, su única preocupación in relación al presidente del Banco Central consiste en cumplir with los compromisos que se supuestamente asumieron al estar en pareja. “It’s important to analyze this’señor’ and how it harms a six-year-old girl,” she said, reflecting on the relationship between her daughter Matilda and the economist.

As a conclusion, he shared a letter with a sentence in which he again alluded to his seeming obsession with her. “There are things that can be copied, like the style. Some things are unique, like attitude, the speaker said.

Luciana Salazar Debt

There is no doubt that Luciana Salazar remained in debt to Martín Redrado, who demanded payment for not following Matilda’s feeding schedule for the past two years.

The previous week, he went out more and released the pictures that made him want to distance himself from the nena. El economista en un neighborhood cerrado, paseando with ambas, se muestran in las imágenes, que remontan algunos años hace cuando había paz entre ellos.

“After the reporter shared these photos, she stopped seeing them for a few months.” Esto is because había mencionado la situación a su entorno. At that moment, nobody asked why she was visiting as the two of us were already separated, and the “boyfriend” vanished.

Salazar llegó

“Hasta ahí cumplía con todos los acuerdos firmados”, señaló el acto seguido. I stopped paying the food bill when I said, “Basta, a Matilda no la ocultás más,” and I stopped going with her requests. The beginning of the end.

Finalmente, a finales de diciembre, Salazar llegó a deslizar que Redrado optó por no volver a pagar los gastos de la nena por despecho: “Es porque no lo quise ver más.” Yo estaba cansada de que todos los engañe.

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