Tucu López Stands by Sabrina Rojas After Her Post Against Luciano Castro: ‘It’s Completely Justified!

Sabrina Rojas

After the actor displayed a startling attitude toward one of her children, the actress wrote a tale for her ex that included a line from a Shakira song.

Luis “El Tucu” López talked with LAM (América) this past Friday over the critical post that Sabrina Rojas wrote for Luciano Castro after he failed to attend the birthday of Fausto, the couple’s second child. Using Shakira’s words from her Bizarrap Session, the actress wrote, “A lot of gyms, but it works the brain too.”

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Breakup with Sabrina Rojas

“Everything Sabrina does is incredibly justified, and I respect everything Sabri does.” If she shares something, it’s usually because she’s upset about something and that’s just her style. “She has a reason, even though it’s spicy,” the blonde’s ex shot back.

The play’s protagonist, Sinvergüenzas, gave an explanation of his breakup with Rojas in another segment of the interview: “There was no precise cause. The best thing was that there was nothing fierce around us.

However, we knew that during the time she was spending in Carlos Paz and I was traveling around the coast and in Buenos Aires, there would inevitably be small arguments and other conflicts. As a result, we decided that it would be best to split up on these terms because we didn’t think we could handle things from a distance.

Ultimately, he concluded by saying, “Everything is fine with Sabri,” to indicate that there is no issue with his ex-girlfriend.


Flor Vigna

When Sabrina Rojas was questioned about Flor Vigna’s remarks in Intrusos, California, she was deadly. Flor Vigna, facing the actress’s criticism, stood up for Luciano Castro and informed her that he was a wonderful father. Sabrina alluded to the singer’s relationship with her two daughters, Esperanza and Fausto, without masking her outrage.

“Almighty God. What am I able to tell you? She doesn’t know my kids, therefore I doubt she knows much about Luciano’s experience as a father because he doesn’t have a regular existence. She may see my kids for a short while every two or three months, but she hasn’t seen them in months. “If you are not a part of that side, you cannot understand what a person like Dad is like,” Rojas fired.

Then, he questioned Flor’s potential awareness of Luciano’s contact with the kids, saying, “I believe she is dating the boyfriend version of Luciano.” Life’s beautiful when you’re with the ‘just boyfriend’ version. However, life is considerably more complex than just going to each other’s homes. Being in a pair is a different experience.

Happy Birthday

Given that she doesn’t have the daily routine to voice her opinions, I’m astonished that she does. I welcomed her with great love and affection when I answered my door, but I’m not sure if that was because she was so busy or anything else. She was affectionate when she saw my children, which is why they loved her, but eventually, that half relationship was destroyed, the mother continued.

Furthermore, he subtly hinted at criticism, saying, “There are a thousand ways to be present, but sometimes it’s nice to wish someone a happy birthday or send them a gift. She is neither nice nor awful, but she is not required to bond with my kids; that happens if you feel like it.

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